Commercial Electric Car Charger Installations In Manchester

Is your business considering introducing EV charging points?

Showing your green credentials makes you appealing to both prospective staff and clients. It demonstrates your care about the environment, and makes life easier for employees who have invested in this type of vehicle.

Companies like Google were some of the first to introduce EV chargers and it’s encouraged people to invest in more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Save money running your commercial vehicles in Manchester.

Having these types of chargers installed will also reduce the costs of running a fleet of vehicles. With petrol prices skyrocketing this year, more people are making the transition to electric vehicles.

If you’ve recently made the decision to do this, GreenMile Electrical can make the process of introducing EV chargers to your site extremely easy. Our commercial EV charger installations are affordable, convenient and efficient. We’re always happy to offer a free site survey, which you can book online.

GreenMile Electrical has a variety of chargers to choose from, all of which have excellent features. All models have been thoroughly tested and optional Wi-Fi readiness. They also come with access security with the option for staff to use RFID cards.

Our team also regularly install chargers at homes throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas.

If you need an EV charger installation at your business, contact our friendly team for more information.