Looking For Easee One Car Charger Installers In Manchester?

Need an EV installer offering the best quality technology for your site?

Easee One is one of the many brands of EV chargers we have available at GreenMile Electrical. Whatever your unique requirements, we can both supply and install your charger so you’re ready to welcome an electric vehicle into your life.

Our installers work throughout Manchester and the surrounding locations to help you keep electrical vehicles charged at home or your business.

Why choose an Easee One charger for your vehicle?

Although developed by experts in Norway, these chargers were created with the UK market in mind. They’re ideal for anyone who loves the Scandinavian design aesthetic and needs a charger suitable to harsher climates.

Easee One chargers come with many great features to make charging your vehicle regularly easier. That includes PEN protection and the ability to charge vehicles at faster speeds than some other chargers

Boasting a stylish, compact design, this charger is capable of charging three vehicles at the same time. They can be controlled remotely using an app. With prices starting from £765, Easee One car chargers are competitively priced. They also come with a three-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Our EV charger installers work quickly and efficiently to install your new device. We always guide you through the buying process and offer exceptional customer support.

Find out more about Easee One car chargers or don’t hesitate to contact our team today.