Need A Zappi EV Charger Installer In Manchester?

Incredibly, Brits bought more electric cars in March than the whole of 2019, according to recent figures. Part of the reason for this is because petrol and diesel prices have been soaring since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis.

Increased sales mean more demands for EV chargers across the country, to help keep motorists on the road. The UK government aims to increase electric car chargers tenfold by the year 2030, so it’s a great time to have this type of technology introduced at your home or business in Manchester.

Eco-smart chargers that can be fitted to your fuse box.

GreenMile Electrical has many top branded EV chargers to choose from, including the award-winning Zappi Charger. Our installers will ensure your device is fitted securely and safely.

The ultimate in clean energy, thanks to the fact it can connect to solar panels, you can use the power of the sun to charge your vehicle. Manufactured in this UK, this EV charger can be managed remotely using a user-friendly app.

The Zappi charger can come in a variety of colours, so you can easily find the perfect match for your environment. It has three charging modes and a LCD display, making it extremely enjoyable to use.

If you want more information on this charger or any of our products, our experts are always available to help.

Find out more about the Zappi charger or don’t hesitate to contact our installers in Manchester for more details.