Need An Expert EV Charging Installation For Your Business?

With petrol prices higher than ever and the trains affected by strikes, many commuters are caught between a rock and a hard place. Soaring petrol prices are likely to make even more people make that leap to electric vehicles.

If you run an eco-conscious business, having EV charging stations installed is a great gesture.

Thanks to the Government’s Workplace Charging Scheme, you can apply for a grant to help cover the cost of installing this type of technology.

GreenMile Electrical regularly works with companies in Manchester looking to have electrical vehicle charging points fitted. That includes businesses who have a fleet of vehicles that regularly need charging.

Having an EV charging station makes your business look modern and encourages staff to be environmentally-friendly. It will also impress any clients visiting you who have an electric vehicle.

Our technology provides fast and efficient charging, with chargers coming with up to 22kw with speeds at 3x the rate of a typical home charger. This makes them perfect for visitors who require a quick top-up.

We work throughout Manchester and the surrounding locations, helping companies to get the charging station they need. Want to know more? We’re always happy to provide a free personalised quotation.

Find out more about our EV charging installations for businesses in Manchester or contact our friendly team for more information.