Seeking Professional EV Charger Installers In Manchester?

Are you planning on investing in an electric vehicle in 2022?

In that case, you’ll need an EV charger installed outside your home or business. One of the biggest benefits of electric vehicles is that you can add juice whenever you need it. Having this type of vehicle will also save you money and reduce your environmental impact.

With Toyota and Lexus recently revealing 15 new electric cars, there’s more choice than ever when it comes to buying this type of vehicle.

However, there is still a lack of EV charging stations in the UK, which means it’s crucial to have one installed where you need it.

Whatever type of EV charger you require in Manchester, our certified installation experts can help.

If you’ve already ordered your vehicle, we can ensure your charger is installed in the quickest time possible. No matter whether you’re based in Manchester or the surrounding area, we provide a quick and efficient service.

We both supply and fit EV chargers, which have been thoroughly tested beforehand, so you can have complete peace of mind.

GreenMile Electrical has a number of EV Chargers to choose from including the Myenergi-Zappi 2.0. Manufactured in Britain, this multi-award winning product has 3 fast charging modes. It also comes with a LCD display and can be managed remotely using their handy app.

With a three-year warranty available, customers can be confident when purchasing this charging hub.

If you’re looking for expert EV charger installers in Manchester, simply get in touch with our team for more information.