Trusted Installers Of Wallbox Electric Car Chargers

Want a compact EV charger which is also highly practical?

The Wallbox from Pulsar Plus could be the perfect choice for your home in Manchester. This tethered charger has 3 charging modes and various colour options available. Our installers regularly fit this type of charger to homes and businesses in and around Manchester.

Why choose a tethered charger like the Wallbox?

Tethered chargers are the best choice if convenience is important to you. It means your EV charger is permanently attached to the charging unit. That means it will always be at hand, ready and waiting to be used, making it similar to a petrol pump. If your charger is tethered, it will also be more secure because the cable is hard to remove.

Find the right electrical car charger for you.

The Wallbox Electric Car Charger is just one of the many options we have available. Like all our EV chargers, it can be managed remotely using a user-friendly mobile app. Since GreenMile Electrical is a WallBox approved installer, you can trust us to have it fitted properly.

Have you chosen your charger and need to arrange an installation? Our installers can come to your property in Manchester for an on-site survey. This will be carried out by one of our in-house highly trained electricians. They can then provide an accurate quote for your project.

Why not find out more about our standard installation process? Or contact our friendly team for more information.