Business EV charger installation in Manchester

Installing EV charging points at your business premises is a great way to show your employees that you care about them and that you care about the environment, too.

It can also help to reduce business vehicle fleet costs, and there are significant Government Workplace Charging Scheme grants available, too.

GreenMile Electrical are specialists in workplace charging in Manchester and the surrounding area, with a long list of satisfied customers. We can help your business find the EV charging system you need.

What We Offer:

Tailored solutions

Complete consultancy and design service: we map out the best EV installation system for the needs of your business, allowing for future-proofing and enabling the addition of multiple chargers at a later date if required.

Fast EV charging

Fast chargers up to 22kw allow charging speeds at 3x the rate of a typical home charger. This is ideal for visitors who require a quick top-up.

Wide choice of design options

Including dual-mounted posts which are ideal for placing between staff parking bays. One post covers two parking spots.

The very best chargers

We only use proven, tested models that we really like. As well as dual-mounted posts with two charge points, we fit a variety of wall-mounted chargers, too.

Dynamic loading monitoring

This ensures a continued electrical supply to the whole business by turning down the flow of electricity to charging points at times of high demand (if necessary).

Access security

RFID card options ensure access to staff only and allow you to monitor usage. Optional screen pin lock functions prevent unauthorised access.

Unrivalled control

Back office management of your EV chargers via an online portal gives you a detailed overview of your system (even across multiple business premises) and allows you to monitor/control all EV use.

Bay painting

Tailored to your needs, such as allowing staff with electric vehicles priority parking or directing visitors to your business premises to dedicated charging points.

Peace of mind

We use skilled, experienced EV install engineers for all business EV charge point installations and take care of all ground/excavation works to ensure a neat, properly-finished installation.


Optional Wi-Fi readiness accommodates future vehicles so that they can be easily connected and allow staff to monitor their EV charging.

Local service

We are a Manchester-based EV installation firm and are only a short distance from your business – so we’re never far away when it comes to maintenance/troubleshooting.

The Benefits

GreenMile Electrical can help with everything you need when it comes to workplace EV charging in Manchester. Here are just four of the many reasons that businesses in the area choose to invest in a workplace EV charging scheme:

  • Reduce your business vehicle emissions and costs.
  • Be seen as one of Manchester’s more sustainable businesses and boost your CSR credentials.
  • Attract talent: EV charging points are increasingly seen as a valued staff perk.
  • Seize the chance to access Government grants. These may not be around forever, and currently allow businesses to claim back up to £350 per socket, up to a maximum of 40 EV chargers (£14,000). We can help companies to apply for this grant.

Why choose GreenMile Electrical to install EV chargers at your business premises

  • We are qualified to redeem the value of the voucher (worth £350 inc VAT per socket) in the UK Government workplace charging scheme. This equates to a maximum value of £14,000 off the total cost of equipment and installation if you are having 40 charge points installed.
  • We provide free site surveys and offer expert and impartial advice.
  • We are a locally-owned and run installer solely dedicated to installing EV charging points throughout the Manchester area.
  • We are reliable, professional and courteous – and we understand the specific needs of our business clients.
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Areas we service

GreenMile Electrical covers just one area – and that’s the whole of Greater Manchester. When you book an EV charger installation with GreenMile, you will be getting one of our locally-based, fully-qualified GreenMile team members – and not someone from a distant or national firm who has to cross the Pennines or race 100 miles down the M6 to get to you.

In terms of peace of mind, we think it’s really important for our customers to know that their installer is a local expert who knows both EV chargers and the Manchester area inside out.

The areas we serve include Trafford, Tameside, Stockport, Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Bolton, Salford, Wigan and, of course, Manchester.

Why wait?

Contact us today to find out how GreenMile Electrical can bring the right EV charging solutions to your Manchester business.