Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Rochdale

According to the latest predictions, there will be more than 200 million electric vehicles in the world by 2027. And the UK is set to be one of the many countries that gets behind this EV revolution.

Cities and their surrounding areas are likely to be one of the most popular spots for electric vehicles, and if you’re thinking of getting an EV charger fitted at your home in Rochdale, GreenMile Electrical has the local expertise you need.

Getting a new electric vehicle is an exciting moment for most motorists, who know they will be doing something positive for the environment and that they will also start making significant savings on their future fuel bills, too.

A key part of buying an electric car is adding an EV charger to your home, and that’s where we come in. We supply and install domestic EV charge points all over the Rochdale area, and we also install at local business premises, too.

Why choose GreenMile Electrical for your EV charger installation in Rochdale?

GreenMile is a locally-owned and locally-run firm that specialises in the installation of EV chargers in the Rochdale area. All of our experts are highly-skilled and experienced.

We offer a knowledgeable, friendly service, and we’re here to guide you through the process of having an EV charger installed at your home or workplace.

We can also help customers apply for the UK Government EV charger grant, which is worth up to £350 per installation.

In short, we make the whole process of getting an EV charger installed really simple!

Expert EV charger installation in Rochdale and the surrounding areas

Our local ‘beat’ includes Rochdale and the villages and areas that surround it. We can install EV chargers in all of the following places:






If your own town/area isn’t shown above but is in the Rochdale region, we’ll be able to supply to you as well.

An EV charger that meets your needs

The choice of EV chargers today can be quite dazzling – so we’ve taken the guesswork out of the process for you. After working with literally dozens of different models over the past few years, we recently made the decision to focus on just five.

These five EV charge points offer something for everyone, from the new electric vehicle owner who wants an eye-catching charger to the owner who prefers something more subtle.

We love them for their reliability and features, and we feel that the five hand-picked models we install are the best on the market.

All of our installations come with a minimum 3 years guarantee, and our engineers pride themselves on leaving each project in a neat and tidy fashion.

Give us a call to find out more about the five models we supply and the GreenMile installation process.

The 3 EV chargers include:

Wallbox Pulsar PlusWallbox Pulsar Plus

Small but perfectly formed, this is the most compact tethered charger on the market.

Andersen A2Andersen A2

Probably the finest-looking EV charger available today.

Myenergi ZappiMyenergi Zappi

Small, popular and full of features.

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Areas we service

GreenMile Electrical covers just one area – and that’s the whole of Greater Manchester. When you book an EV charger installation with GreenMile, you will be getting one of our locally-based, fully-qualified GreenMile team members – and not someone from a distant or national firm who has to cross the Pennines or race 100 miles down the M6 to get to you.

In terms of peace of mind, we think it’s really important for our customers to know that their installer is a local expert who knows both EV chargers and the Manchester area inside out.

The areas we serve include Trafford, Tameside, Stockport, Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Bolton, Salford, Wigan and, of course, Manchester.

Ready to work with GreenMile Electrical? Call us today!

If you’ve already ordered a new or second-hand electric vehicle or are thinking about doing so, why not get in touch today?

We can help you to understand your EV charger options, and we can also give you a no-obligation quote, tailored to your precise needs. We always recommend booking your installation in advance of the delivery of your new electric vehicle whenever possible.

Getting a quote is a great way to help with budgeting when planning the overall costs associated with buying an electric vehicle. The good news is that having an EV charger installed at your home or business premises is one of the more affordable parts of the process.