EV Charger Installation in Oldham

All over the UK, more and more people are switching from fossil fuels to electric vehicles (EVs), and Oldham is no exception. Experts are predicting that sales of EVs around the world will top 200 million by 2027.

To get the most out of a new electric vehicle, you’ll probably need your very own EV charger, something that needs to be installed by a qualified expert.

This is where GreenMile Electrical comes in – we are specialists in installing EV chargers in Oldham and the surrounding areas.

Buying an electric vehicle is the start of a new, exciting journey – one in which you get to feel good about doing your bit for the environment (and also get to save on future fuel bills!), and a key part of this journey is working out which EV charger is the best choice for you.

GreenMile Electrical can help. Our experts will explain your options, the pros and cons of different models, and can talk about the best places to install an EV charge point at your home or business premises.

GreenMile Electrical specialises in EV installation in Oldham

We are a well-known, locally-owned and locally-operated EV installation firm and can take care of everything when it comes to adding an electric vehicle charge point at homes and commercial premises in Oldham.

Because each installation is slightly different, we help customers to understand every aspect of having an EV charger fitted.

EV chargers for Oldham and the surrounding areas

We work in and around Oldham and can provide tailored quotes for EV charger installations in all of the following areas:








If your own town/area isn’t featured in the above list but is in the Oldham region, we install EV chargers there, too.

A choice of great EV chargers

When choosing an EV charger for your home or business premises, the variety of options available can seem overwhelming.

Do you want a tethered model or an untethered model? Do you want something that works with domestic solar panels or runs off the mains?

GreenMile Electrical can save customers countless hours by offering impartial advice on the best models on the market.

In fact, after testing multiple different EV chargers, we made the decision this year to simplify things for our clients by offering just five different models – the five that we believe are the best on the market.

There is something for everyone – from small and unobtrusive to sleek, cool chargers that look simply stunning. We can explain the benefits of each, and also talk new customers through the features that they are most likely to need.

Our top 3 EV chargers includes:

Andersen A2Andersen A2

Quite simply, we think this is the nicest-looking EV charger available today.


A fantastic, British-made EV charger with a long guarantee.

Wallbox Pulsar PlusWallbox Pulsar Plus

Many clients love this as it is the smallest tethered charger on the market.

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Areas we service

GreenMile Electrical covers just one area – and that’s the whole of Greater Manchester. When you book an EV charger installation with GreenMile, you will be getting one of our locally-based, fully-qualified GreenMile team members – and not someone from a distant or national firm who has to cross the Pennines or race 100 miles down the M6 to get to you.

In terms of peace of mind, we think it’s really important for our customers to know that their installer is a local expert who knows both EV chargers and the Manchester area inside out.

The areas we serve include Trafford, Tameside, Stockport, Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Bolton, Salford, Wigan and, of course, Manchester.

Contact GreenMile Electrical for your EV charger installation

We offer free advice about the installation of EV chargers and also tailored, no-obligation quotes. We pride ourselves on doing great work (see our verified reviews) and take care to leave all new installations looking neat and tidy.

If you’ve ordered your new electric vehicle or are thinking about it, don’t hesitate to give us a call. To find out how we can help, please