Understand how to set up your new EV charger when moving house !

What are the steps to setting up your new EV charger?

When moving house, one thing that you may need to consider is setting up a new charging station for
your electric vehicle. If you do own an electric vehicle, make sure the charger that you choose is the right one for you and your new home. Switch Plan recommended that you get a professional to install it for you such as Greenmile electrical.

What are the steps to setting up your new EV charger?

Once you have finished moving house and have settled in, you can start thinking about how you will charge your vehicle. The first step in setting up your EV charger in your new home is buying the correct model to suit your needs. Secondly, you need to select your installer.

Once you have selected your installer they will come and visit your home to do the following:

● Take measurements

● Locate the fuse box

● Identify the best location for the charger

● Finalise practical details

Once these steps have been completed you will be given a quote. From there you can decide which installer to go ahead with in order to install the charger in your new home.

How to choose the correct charger?

In order to choose the right charger for your new home, it is important to know what factors to take into consideration. According to Switch Plan, the main factors you should remember to consider are:

● Price

● Compatibility

● Design or look

● Charging speed

● Installation process

All the above will have an effect on your choice of charger, so do your research prior to purchase, to ensure you get all the necessary information needed. Make sure that your charger is compatible with your electric car. You don’t want to order one that doesn’t charge your EV. Charging speed is also very important as it will determine how long you need to leave it plugged in, before being able to use your vehicle again. So take into consideration how often you use your car and what distances you drive. Depending on whether your new home has a driveway or garage will affect whether your charger can be installed using your main electricity supply. This can take around 14 hours, depending on your car and how big it is. There is also the option of installing a home-fast charging point. These are more expensive but charge the car much faster. The government will also help with the cost of installing these fast charging points in your home. For more information on charging your electric vehicle and installing the charger read this article

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